Magnetic Fields & Effects on Healing
by Mr. Lynn Eykamp, Ex Member of the Original Team

The Earth we live on, is a huge magnetic sphere. This magnetic field permeates and contributes to all life on the planet by the generation of what we call the ‘atmosphere’. This field varies in strength and consistency through the ages and, with this variance, so to does life on the planet change. Our bodies own magnetic frequencies and bio-field patterns, that have become accustomed to this level of magnetic frequency during our life span, also react to this variance of the Earth’s field.

All matter on earth assists in creating this field and so becomes charged with this magnetic resonance and, depending on the properties, displays differing sensory or other results dependant on the substance. For example lode stones, being basically iron oxide, have the capacity to retain and exhibit a magnetic field. As these lode stones have been charged by the earth, and thus are harmoniously in tune with the human bodies frequencies as well, they have for thousands of years been used with great success in the healing arts.

The ‘Healers of old’ knew full well the benefits and curative powers of magnetic lode stones when properly placed along the meridian lines of energy and not necessarily at the area of pain. These Healers continued their practice through the ages since the patients could see the results and so utilized the methodology themselves.

Although this same methodology is still practiced with positive results in some cultures today, twentieth century man is destroying the healing practice with modern materials. As man progressed to the present time he has lost touch with his affinity for the earth. With the advance of modern medicine, newer forms of habitats and man’s belief in modern science, chemical substitutes used in place of natural processes has led to a marked decrease in the ability of the body to maintain it’s magnetic strength and vitality of the bio-field that surrounds it. Man has lost much of the ‘back to nature’ or naturopathic healing arts that are most evident in the magnetic properties of lode stones.

Meridian lines of energy have, for thousands of years, been recognised by China but the western Physicians only reluctantly admit to their existence through acupuncture which is now a recognised medical art in many cultures, and within it’s teachings, pertains directly to the meridians of the body and energies thereof.

Magnetic devices and magnetic fields do give curative and healing effects but some types can lead to illness, cancer and or mental disability or instability. In the U.S.A. orthopaedic surgeons have been experimenting with inserting magnets into plaster casts to aid healing. Extraordinary results are obtained with race horses using a variety of devices including electromagnetic blankets. Magnetic field therapy is used on the astronauts to overcome some of the problems associated with travel in space. Then there are many items of jewellery, bandages and pads all with magnets or electromagnets as part of their makeup giving varying degrees of results.

As all matter is made up of magnetic resonant field patterns, of varying strength and frequencies, applying a magnetic device of any configuration will produce an effect one way or another. This is particularly demonstrable with magnetic water being applied to plants and some animals. With modern magnetic therapy being based on traditional ideas, but with stronger and ‘out of phase’ magnetic fields, the results may not be appropriate to correctly treat the ailment. This is why Lode stones work well in healing situations since they have the required field strength and attenuation to the life force of the planet.

Powerful permanent magnets with their matrix altered by the artificial energizing processes do not conform to the complex magnetic field structure of the human bio-organism or that of the planet. These processes use artificial electrical energy which has within its structure a frequency composition different to that of nature. Almost everyone considers magnetism a basic and natural force similar to the magnetic field exhibited by the planet earth, and man-made magnets are regarded as the same type of field only stronger. This is not so, as the field of an artificial permanent or electro magnet has a distinct man made flavour within the internal structure of the field itself.

The evidence of destructive electromagnetic fields have been well documented in the past and the argument that it is harmful is still ongoing. On the other hand, what is not well publicised, is the fact that electromagnetic fields can have many beneficial effects also. The frequency of the field is the governing factor as to whether the field is beneficial or harmful.

This also applies to the field of a permanent magnet. The field of the permanent magnet receives its frequency when energized, so depending on the energizing process and the composition of the magnet itself, resulting in the frequency of the final product. So for an effective healing tool many variables are to be considered when making both permanent healing magnets or therapeutic electromagnets. Magnets can be used as an extremely effective health treatment for many individuals, however, if used unwisely the treatment may have an adverse effect due to the artificial nature of the magnet itself.

A lot of research has been done using water as the medium for transferring magnetic field energies. Water can be energised with specific magnetic fields that aid life and that is demonstrable in comparison to untreated water. What is not known is that the water that comes up out of the earth, or is brought up out of the earth, looses it’s charge after ninety two hours and thus any water having magnetic healing properties, such as the water from Lourdes, must be used soon after taking the sample from its source. Any water brought up from an underground source and used to energise a treatment device looses all effectiveness in ninety two hours as well. If the treatment device also contains magnets or a mechanism to spiral the water (anticlockwise in the Southern Hemisphere) then a small effect will be imparted to the water for a limited time.

Other research using devices that are magnetic field generators imparting a magnetic field to the water, which is then used in the treatment of ailments, shows promising results. With life on earth being water based, to magnetise water before use, whether on plants or humans will give more positive results in health, vitality and overall decease and sickness prevention. Some designs are purposefully built for bio-magnetic field patterns that are based on the frequencies of the human bio-field.

In conclusion, to utilise magnetic therapy in the healing arts, one needs to look at two procedural paths. That which uses magnets of correct properties, based on prior known outcomes that have accumulated from a millennium of case histories. (These must have the meridian energy lines taken into consideration as a pain in the wrist may stem from a problem in the shoulder or even teeth depending on the energy lines and their balance status.)

The other duplicates the magnetic properties of healing waters, found at some natural springs or thermal pools like those at Rotorua N.Z. The healing properties of Lourdes water also stems from it’s magnetic properties. Magnetised water, either bathed in or drank in small quantities, presents the best options with properly induced magnetic resonant frequencies.


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