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Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide.Buy it now @ Amazon
(2nd Edition) - June 01, 2002.

Energy Medicine Chapter: Page 209-210
"Because of the BEFE (now Q ENERGYspa) unit's ability to improve the body's Bio-charge, health practitioners and their patients who use the device have reported numerous health benefits. These include increased vitality, revitalized blood detoxification and neutralization of toxins, pain and stress relief, faster recovery time from illness or injury, reduced inflammation, improved sleep, reduced fluid retention, improved endocrine and metabolic function, elimination of menstrual pain, dermal rejuvenation, improved kidney and liver function."

The Tao of Detox.Buy it now @ Amazon

Excerpt from the Tao of DETOX by Daniel Reid
page 231-232 Chapter 9

Q-Tech of Australia has recently developed an electromagnetic device that programmes ordinary water as a powerful tool for detoxification and healing. This system, known as the Bioelectric Field Enhancer (BEFE - Now Q2 ENERGYspa), utilizes bathwater as a medium to cleanse the lymphatic system and rebalance the entire human energy field. In TCM, tman energy field. In TCM, tthe human body is regarded as the essential force of life, the fundamental foundation of health and the primary key to healing. This is the energy that the BEFE unit manipulates in order to stimulate detox and healing responses in the human body.

Like the Jai device, BEFE technology utilizes water as a medium to transfer healing energy signals into the body and rebalance the human energy field. Since water reproduces and holds the precise patterns and vibratory rates of any energy field to which it's exposed, when the human body - which itself is over 70 per cent water - is submerged in a tub of water, the body's bio-energy field imprints itself and produces an exact personal 'energy profile' in the water, including all the imbalances and deviations that require correcting. At the same time, the BEFE unit introduces a perfectly balanced, properly tuned bio-energy field into the water, where it interfaces and interacts with the body's energy field, correcting imbalances and adjusting abnormalities in the latter until the two fields harmonize and resonate as one in the water. When the body's bio-energy field has been recharged and rebalanced by the externally generated bio-electric field in the water, the physical body responds immediately to the properly balanced signals by detoxifying and repairing itself. Note that BEFE therapy may be applied in a foot bath as well, with equally effective results.

By correcting faulty circuits in the HES and restoring balance in the body's bio-field, BEFE therapy triggers a major cleansing response through the skin, drawing toxic residues and acid wastes out from the subcutaneous tissues and lymph channels, and excreting them through the skin into the bathwater. Naturopathic healers in Australia who have used this device in their clinical practice report that after only 20-30 minutes of therapy some of their more toxic clients turn the bathwater brown with toxic wastes excreted through the skin. This is powerful detox technology, and it's best to seek some professional guidance when using it at home, or else to try it at a naturopathic clinic or spa first.














Is electro medicine here today?
Trauma occurring in your nervous system affecting your physical, mental and emotional levels disrupts the flow of energy in your meridians. Recharge Your Biological Battery gives techniques to restore your balance through the Q Experience.

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- Discover the benefits of the Q Water Energy Spa!
- Stress Reduction
- Energy Enhancement
- Heightened awareness and sensuality
- Emotional Balancing
- Improved insight and intuition
- Cleansing and regeneration
- Feeling of peaceful purposefulness

excerpted from,

Recharge Your Biological Battery.
by Dr. Howard Peiper, 2002.
ISBN 0-9702964-2-8

Q2 Water Energy System.
The body is a bioelectric organism. Its trillions of cells produce and use electricity as their driving force, or life force. Bio-electricity is generated by the cellular exchange of negatively and positively charged particles called ions. These ions are formed when minerals, which have been broken down by the stomach's hydrochloric acid, come together in body fluids. A tiny electrical charge is generated when potassium is released from inside a cell and is replaced with sodium. When the current has passed, the potassium is pumped back into the cell and sodium is pumped out. Dr. Lendon Smith explains, "In this way the cells act as tiny batteries with their own electromagnetic current. The collection of all these electrical forces about the trillions of our cells constitutes our energy system. It is this subtle energy that produces life. Fatigue may be that the batteries have run down." The body's dependence on electrical charges has never been in dispute, but scientists are now beginning to understand the vital roles it plays in the various systems in the body. A medical team at Geneva's University Hospital has discovered that white blood cells can produce electricity, which will help research understand better how the human body fights microbes. Until Dr. Jacques Schrenzel, Dr. Karl-Heinz Krause and their colleagues at the Geneva hospital's infectious diseases division unravelled the mystery, it was not known how the cells generate the body's lethal weapon against invading bacteria and fungi-toxic oxygen radical superoxide. The Geneva team reported it had identified an enzyme in nature (NADPH oxidase) that generates electron currents through cellular membranes. These currents, which are identical to those that light an electric bulb but ten billion times smaller, convert oxygen to the microbe-killing superoxide. The discovery made by the Geneva medical team helps to explain why the Q2 Water Energy System aids healing and has the potential to eliminate bacteria and fungi infections. Because the potential voltage in the cell membrane is increased, the immune system can be substantially enhanced. This effect also aids in prevention by maintaining the effectiveness of the cellular function.

The Q2 Water Energy System is a unit that when placed into water is capable of generating a bio-energy field similar to that of any water based vessel (that which contains water). Since the only naturally occurring substance with an energy field is water, the unit is used in water. Creating a field with these properties cannot be done simply. You require a process that already has some of the unique frequencies present in it. The water interacts with an electric current to produce the bio-charge. While the water is a very important part of the process a magnetic field is needed to make it work properly. Passing electrical current between specially designed plates in the water creates the magnetic field. The resultant bio-charge is the product of a combination of the water, electricity, metal and magnetism. Advantages of creating such a field are that its usage on a living organism.

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