Do you want to know more about how the QEnergySpa works or just curious in general? Here you will find articles relating to the QEnergySpa and the technology behind it.


Magnetic Fields & Effects on Healing

by Lynn Eykamp

Earths Magnetic FieldThe Earth we humans live on is a huge magnetic sphere. This magnetic field permeates and contributes to all life on the planet by the generation of what we call the ‘atmosphere’. This field varies in strength and consistency through the ages, and with this variance, so to does life on the planet.



The Bio-Electric Field Enhancement

by Janette Adams

The Bio-Electric Field Enhancement Unit was presented at the Global Sciences Congress in Colorado in August 1999. It is the latest in home-based therapies developed by Q-Tech Laboratories, Toowoomba, Australia. Electric medicine was commonly used last century and early this century until the pharmaceutical industry began supporting medical schools, thereafter the teaching of electric medicine was eliminated.



QEnergy Water Bath or Spa

Avid User, 2004

As time goes on and our bodies age, we slow down. But we don't all age at the same pace, some of us age more gracefully. I want to encourage you with the fact that you yourself can begin to age more gracefully. In fact, you can actually reverse the aging process, at least outwardly. I have a battery charger that I use every other day for myself and for my husband. It's called the QEnergySpa and it's a water bath....a battery charger for the human body.



QEnergySpa Only



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