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Have a look at the Pulse Trace 'Pulse Contour Analysis' (PCA) Report in which the subjects Vascular Age (VA) was measured before and after a QEnergySpa session. Remarkably, the subjects vascular age was almost halved in just one session with the QEnergySpa.



Read the Biocybernaut Study (carried out by the Biocybernaut Institute) where the purpose of the study "was to discover and begin to understand the range of effects of the Q ENERGYspa® when used as an enhancement tool with human subjects".



Read the Kennellywood Horse Trial where blood tests, hair follicle tests and veterinary examinations were carried out on 3 separate horses before and after QEnergySpa sessions. The results speak for themselves.







Take a look at the Tomato Trial (performed by Paul Cohen of Harvest Haven Health) in which the lifespan of tomatoes treated by the QEnergySpa is compared to the lifespan of tomatoes treated by a competitors product.






Read the Cucumber Trial which clearly demonstrates the Q ENERGYspa's® effectiveness on plants. The plants treated with the QEnergySpa showed improved health, increased resistance to disease, improved tolerance to harsh conditions and increased growth rate and yield.






Have a look at the Kinesiology Report which clearly show the Q ENERGYspa's® effectiveness, in many areas of health, using applied kinesiology. Applied Kinesiology is a system which evaluates structural, chemical and mental aspects of health using manual muscle testing alongside conventional diagnostic methods.




Read the Preliminary Tests on the BEFE unit (as it was known then) which were conducted to give an understanding of the range of effects the BEFE unit on different people. If you would like to know what sensations/feelings to expect when you have your first QEnergySpa then this is a must read.





Have a look at the Pumpkin Trial performed in Meringandan (near Toowoomba) using the QEnergySpa. The trials were performed to gauge the effectiveness of the QEnergySpa on the pumpkins growth rate.




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