Older QEnergySpa/Befe Array 2000 Water Module


The Array 2000 (water module) was QtheExperience' second mainstream Array, it was shipped with the B.E.F.E. power supply model numbers: 3006, 3024B, 3024D and 2100's. Below is the step-by-step illustration on how to change the Rings and Track.




Array 2000




Step 1


Remove the stainless steel track by unclipping it from the bottom positive ring. Swinging it outwards at an angle and slide it downwards to remove it from the top acrylic plate.

Step 2


Gently slide the removable leg out (it is safer and easier to do this if the Array is on a table or flat surface). The 2 positive rings (the degraded pair) may or may not come out with the leg when you remove it. If not, gently slide them out horizontally.

Step 3


Slot the new plates into the existing slots followed by gently sliding the leg back into place. Be sure to align the plates correctly with the appropriate slots in the other legs. If it does not go back together easily, DO NOT force it! Double check to make sure that the plates are seated correctly and there are no obstructions.

Step 4


Finally, slot the top of the track into the slot in the top of the Array. As you slide it into place, the section marked “A” should be on top of the top newly inserted plate and “B” should be underneath the bottom newly inserted plate. The track should audibly click’ into place.

Clipping onto the Array


The end of the cable that attaches to the array has two connectors or clips. The negative one is black in colour and round in shape. This fits onto the round rod located in the centre protruding from the top of the array. The other is red and square. This fits onto the flat metal track on the outside of the top of the Array.

Completed Array


QEnergySpa Only



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